To be held at the Scotch Line Landfill Site From 8:30 am to 11:30 am on the following Saturdays:
May 19th
June 23rd
August 11th
September 1st
October 6th
Latex and Oil Paints, Finishing Products e.g. varnish, glues, etc., Used Motor Oil, Auto and Household Batteries, Propane Tanks and Cylinders, Cleaners e.g. bleach, oven cleaner, etc. Aerosol Cans, Solvents e.g. varsol, paint thinners, etc. Pesticides and Herbicides, Pool and Photographic Chemicals, Florescent Light Tubes, Needles and Sharps – MUST be in a suitable container with a lid (e.g. old coffee can or water bottle) UNACCEPTABLE WASTE CLASSES Industrial Waste, PCB’s, Radioactive and Pathological

For further information, please call (705) 286-1260 extension 216

Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association (CHA)


CHA website re shoreline health including link to suppliers:

Danger of Lyme Disease from ticks: Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit


Watch You Tube video Time for Tick Talk

Protecting Our Lakes

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Fighting Invasive Species in Ontario:

Ontario is taking strong action to address the social, ecological and economic threats that invasive species pose to our natural environment.

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Protect the Environment in Cottage Country.

The intent of this poster was for it to be displayed in your cottage for guests and or renters.

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There’s Gold in the Lakes of Haliburton…

but this gold doesn’t go on your finger or around your neck, it swims in our waters! Haliburton’s Gold is a unique lake trout, which only inhabits lakes of this area. To read more click here


Understanding and supporting Biodiversity in Haliburton County...

The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) is working to protect biodiversity in Haliburton County to ensure that the place we cherish remains healthy and natural for future generations to enjoy. To read

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Water Test Results – June 24, 2017 Temp. on Receipt 10.0 C

Each year your Association conducts water quality tests at several locations on our water system. We participate with the Province of Ontario Lake Partners Program, which collects water samples each May before the water warms up to test the phosphorus level in lakes throughout Ontario. Moore Lake ranks average in phosphorus levels compared to other lakes in Ontario. Phosphorus levels are used to measure nutrient levels the help determine a lakes development capacity. In addition excessive weed growth can be attributed to high phosphorus levels.

Location Coliform/CFU 100ml E.Coli CFU/100ml Turbidity NTU Phosphorus mg/L
Moore Lake 30 2 1.25 0.017
Moore Lake - Black Creek 14 10 1.02 0.010
East Moore Lake 2 <2 0.78 0.012
Gull River 14 6 0.81


Gull River - Elliot Falls 16 2 0.81


Provincial Water Quality Objectives for:
Drinking less than 5 0    
Swimming 1000 100    

Turbidity reading of 1.0 or less is acceptable for those using ultraviolet water purifiers with water visibly unpleasant are 5.0 or higher Phosphorus readings of 0.02 or less meet provincial guidelines.