Moore Lake, East Moore Lake and Gull River.

October 12, 2016

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About Us

Our Vision

The Moore Lake Property Owners Association will act for the good of it's members by advocating the continued enhancement of healthful and enjoyable living within the vicinity and on the shorelines of Moore Lake, East Moore Lake, and the Gull River from Moore Falls south to Elliot Falls.

Your Executive 2017/2018:

President Richard Sellon
Past President Ed Russo
Treasurer Rob Wittmann
Secretary Lisa Sellon
Director at Large Mary Davies
Director - Lake Steward Anton Davies
Director at Large Nancy Barnes
Director at Large Audrey Beck
Membership Volunteer Audrey Burke
Golf Day Volunteer Norm Oliver

How Moore Lake got its Name

Alfred Walter Moore had a Fur Trading Post at Moore Falls from 1817-1827 and traded with the local Indians in the area. He then relocated his Fur Trading Post to the top end of Gull Lake. When the Moore Lake Area was surveyed and mapped, the locals identifed the Lake as "Moore's Lake and Falls" after Alfred Walter Moore